Technical Support For Dot Matrix Printer

Whether your Dot Matrix Printer is running slow, malfunctioning or not running at all, we can help. Our dedicated and highly skilled engineers are trained to the highest standards to provide you with the best Dot Matrix printer repair solutions. We’re Dot Matrix Printer repair experts and we can get your printer back up and running in no time.  Experience our unique and unmatchable Dot Matrix Printer repair service at your door step now! Just give a call to our Service Support team! And get your printer fixed once and for all.

We offer one of the best onsite Impact Printer repair service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and we’re confident that we can fix any issue that your Printer may be having, be it a minor malfunction or a bigger problem. We are providing dot matrix printer repair, service and maintenance for all manufacturers including, but not limited to.

Sometimes printer will fail mechanically and other times it’s simply too clogged to do its job. Our experience engineers can notice the difference once they’ve opened up the machine and assessed the situations. Most printers are relatively inexpensive though, so we don’t usually have an additional charge if the printer needs some parts to be replaced! We offer support for the following Dot Matrix Printer service:

  • Printer is not turning on
  • Printer is on but Not Initializing
  • Printer Restarts
  • Printer Beeps & Stop Printing
  • Removing Other Error Beep Codes
  • Printer / PC Communication Error
  • LPT / USB / Serial Port Problem
  • Printer Driver Related Issues
  • Control Panel Repair / Replacement
  • Junk Character Printing
  • Paper Length Settings & Other Customizations
  • Power Supply Repair / Replacement
  • Logic Card Repair / Replacement
  • Print Missing Problems
  • Print Cutting Problem
  • Fade / Dirty Print Outs
  • Ribbon Driven Assembly Repair / Replacement
  • Print Head Cable Replacement
  • Print Head Repair / Replacement
  • Carriage Assembly Strucking problem
  • Carriage Assembly vibrating In Left or Right side
  • CR Motor Replacement
  • CR Timing Belt Replacement
  • Carriage Assembly Service / Replacement
  • Oil Pad / Ribbon Mask Replacement
  • Paper Feeding Problem
  • Paper Strucking in paper path
  • Paper Eject Assembly Repair / Replacement
  • Tractor Assembly Repair / Replacement
  • PFR / Platen Gears / Replacement
  • Paper Feed Motor Replacement
  • Paper Release Lever Replacement
  • Printer Side Frames Replacement
  • Internal Dust & Particles Cleaning / Servicing
  • Printer Housings, Knob & Top Cover Replacement

If you have a Dot Matrix printer that is malfunctioning and want to get repair it! We welcome you at Delhi IT Care and we will recommend you the most cost effective and efficient ways to service or repair your failed printer. Call us today